Markets   Capabilities        
Cardiovascular PTCA balloons and complete catheters
Interventional Catheters such as Suction Devices, Dilitation Devices, Filter Device Components
Photodynamic Therapy/ Laser Therapy
Cryosurgery Balloons, Tubing and Assembly of Catheters
Drug Delivery Systems Drug releasing materials

Drug delivery balloons



Endoscopic Covers for Endoscopes, Repair Channels, Subcomponents
Electro Physiology Electrodes, Assembly and Development of complete catheters, tubular components
Neuro Radiology Nerve stimulation, silicone tubular producs and moulded silicone products
Ophthalmology Sponge extrusions, molded tear ducts
Plastic Surgery Silicone splines, breast implant subcomponents, penile implants
Radiology PTA balloons and catheters
Interventional catheters such as suction devices, dilatation devices, kink free sheath
IV catheters from silicone or PU
Surgical Instruments Protection sleeves in silicone
Tooling Production and Inspection tooling
Urology Urological PU or Silicone stents, penile implants, urological catheters
Wound management Wound drains, packaged kits
Heart/Lung machine tubing sets
Surgical kits Custom assemblies of kits

Cardio Endo & Neuro Vascular

Endoscopy & Laparoscopy (incl. Robotic Surgery)

Sports Medicine

Drug Delivery