Tubing can be supplied in a wide range of materials, and from tight tolerance ID/OD tube for precision shaft or balloon to implantable grade multi lumen Tubing. 


Silicones (different grades)
Polyurethanes (ranging from soft to harder)

Typical applications:

Balloon tubing
Catheter shafts
Pacemaker lead bodies
Drainage systems
Infusion pumps

SSF specializes in precision extrusions in Silicone – ID/ OD tubing (from as small as 0,1 x 0,3 mm) and multi lumen configurations. 

Special extrusions:

  • Geo Trans® transitional extrusion – capable of changing profile, number of lumina , durometer on the fly. This technique is only possible at SSF in silicone materials
    • Sponge extrusions ( in silicone)
    • Co-extrusions
    • Coil reinforced extrusions (in silicone with Nylon reinforcement)