MER-Europe has worked with Silicones over the last 12 years and built up expertise in supplier capabilities and specific product applications. Where needed the excellent technical resources and know-how from our suppliers can be utilized.


Besides single lumen Silicone tubing, there are several Special extrusions available:

  • Geo-Trans® Extrusion Technology – transitional extrusion capable of changing profile, number of lumina , durometer on the fly.
  • Sponge extrusions ( in silicone)
  • Co-extrusions
  • Coil reinforced extrusions (in silicone with Nylon reinforcement)

Through their outstanding technology & processes, our partner is able to exceed published tolerances. Also, they can fabricate to your custom specifications.


  • Liquid Injection Molding (LIM)
  • Transfer Molding
  • Compression Molding
  • Insert molding
  • Over molding


MER-Europe provides the possibility to apply layers of silicone to protect your parts. From a few thousandths of an inch and a wide variety of silicone materials.



There are numereous applications thinkable for silicone sheets. Whether you want to use it as a cover for sealing gaskets or apply it for wound protection and preventing scars – we can provide the whole range:

      • Reinforced or non-reinforced
      • Vulcanized sheeting: thicknesses ranging from 0.002″ to 0.100″.
      • Anti-microbial sheeting.
      • Unvulcanized sheeting: thicknesses ranging from 0.005″ to 0.080″.
      • Pigmentation, reinforcement and radiopacity
      • Typical silicone gel sheeting
      • Knifecoated micro-film: micro thin silicone membrane in thicknesses as thin as 0.001″. Tolerances: +/-0.0005″ and up to 12.5″ wide. This product is supplied with a protective covering on both sides.


COMBINATION PRODUCTS (Drug-Eluting Products)

A combination product is combining a drug and a medical device, where the drug is an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API). Silicone is an excellent Biostable material and offers great possibilities to deliver different types of API’s.

Major advantages are:

      • Targeted delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients.
      • Targeted delivery allows higher doses to be delivered with reduced side effects.
      • Therapeutic activity of the drug can be maintained within a narrow steady-state range.
      • Patient compliance issues are nearly eliminated.

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