SiMEDEx – Silicone Medical Extrusion

Specializing in custom elastomer extrusions for the Health Care and Medical Device Manufacturing Industry.

Our specialty is small, tightly toleranced cross sections for medical device applications.
We have proven solutions for both single and multi-lumen applications.

Our expertise has been used to provide silicone tubing solutions for these challenging implantable and non-implantable applications:

  • Drug delivery and peristaltic pump applications
  • Cardiac and neuro stimulating applications,
  • Ophthalmic applications such as Glaucoma drains and punctum plugs
  • Vascular Access Catheter Tubing
  • Wound Drainage Catheter Tubing
  • Hemodialysis Catheter Tubing
  • Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Tubing
  • Hydrocephalic Shunt
  • Wall thickness as thin as 0.0025” (.064mm)
  • Braid reinforced cross sections for high pressure applications
  • Coil reinforced cross sections for kink resistant applications
  • Multi-Lumen configurations up to 32 lumens and counting

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