Category: Services

Laser Welding

Using low temperatures, Resonetics’ excellent non-contact laser welding process joins materials together with great precision. Resonetics has more than twenty  Read more

Laser Drilling

This non-contact process of laser drilling micro holes, which are often required in medical applications, allows Resonetics to make holes  Read more

Laser Cutting

During this process, an assist gas is used to irradiate and remove material. Resonetics has a range of laser tools  Read more

Laser Ablation

By irradiating a solid material with a laser beam you can remove material selectively. This process is called Laser Ablation.  Read more

SSF: Current Projects

SSF’s most current projects involve the fabrication and assembly of Class 3 devices intended for long term human implantation. No  Read more

MPT Europe: Measurement Services

Medical Production Technologies offers Measurement Services for customers to have quick access to the latest measurement techniques. Measurement results can  Read more

Contract Manufacturing

SSF and Biogeneral offer contract manufacturing services, each respectively in their own area of specialism. SSF: Bringing Silicone to life!  Read more