MER’s Tim Noppert – Up Close & Personal

My name is Tim Noppert, owner of the technical sales company MER-Europe. Thank you for visiting our website.

I started MER about twenty years ago. Today, our main focus is still on products for Vascular use – for Neuro, Cardio or Radio Vascular applications. Product types can range from Metal Laser Cut Tubes supporting Steerable Catheters, to Multi Lumen Silicone Tubing for CRM applications.

I enjoy helping  our clients as good as I can – through our suppliers’ capabilities or by referring them to other manufacturers in our extended network if that is a better option. Finding solutions in helping customers develop better healthcare products is the most rewarding part of the job.
Being confronted with all types of medical devices and their applications on a daily basis makes you very much aware of how important availability of good healthcare is for everyone, and how a bit of awareness and  daily exercise can help you personally in staying healthy. Personally, I enjoy going outdoors a few times a week and making a nice ride on my road bike or mountain bike.

At MER, we strive in getting a good understanding of what it is that customers are trying to achieve with a certain component and how it is designed. My background as a Mechanical Engineer, as well as having worked as a Development Engineer for a Medical Device company for almost a decade – designing and manufacturing Vascular products – helps in understanding where our customers are coming from. Receiving trust is always a good feeling. If customers include you and allow you to be involved in their thought processes and challenges you become a team in looking at options – and a winning team in finding the best solutions to move forward with!

We always try to facilitate and work with innovative suppliers that can make a difference in the marketplace. Please do come back to our website from time to time as we are always expanding our product range and adding new capabilities. Just give us a call or write us an email if you have questions or if you are wondering if MER-Europe might be able to help!

At your service 😉

Tim Noppert


MER-Europe (Medical Engineering Resources)
MER-Europe (Medical Engineering Resources) is a technically focused and service orientated partner with over 20 years of expertise and experience in the Medical Device Industry.

We represent innovative and quality driven suppliers from both the United States and Europe.
Our partners can provide you with some of the most technically advanced components available, as well as inspection- and production equipment and design and assembly services.

Our primary focus is to identify our customers’ exact requirements and provide a technical link to the suppliers we work with. We have the knowledge to help you determine the right process and material for your specific requirement. We are dedicated to provide quick answers and high quality engineering solutions.

Throughout our website you will find all about the suppliers we work with, and their outstanding products, such as:

Extruded tubing
Silicone products
• Sheeting & Film
• Miniature Stainless Steel Tubing
OEM production services

The MER team is dedicated to bring together demand and supply. Please feel free to contact us any time.