Category: Silicone products

Silicone Sheeting

One of SSF’s core specialties include medical grade Silicone Sheeting and film. Being able to process both High Consistency Rubber  Read more

Silicone Molded Parts

Specialy Silicone Fabricators is a specialist in molding custom silicone parts for implant or non- implant purposes – optionally with  Read more

Silicone Extrusions

SSF manufactures precision Silicone Tubing in various diameters and wall thicknesses, single lumen and multi-lumen. Silicone tubing is used for catheters,  Read more

GEOTrans® Extrusions

Geo trans® is a transitional extrusion process, patented by SSF in 1996. During extrusion we are capable of changing profile,  Read more

SSF: Current Projects

SSF’s most current projects involve the fabrication and assembly of Class 3 devices intended for long term human implantation. No  Read more

Silicone products

MER-Europe has worked with Silicones over the last 12 years and built up expertise in supplier capabilities and specific product  Read more