During these unprecedented times one thing has become crystal clear; there is still tremendous innovation in the medical device industry. Resulting from this need for more novel devices are challenges for contract manufacturers to assist designers in helping them convert their designs into reality.

One area that continues to see limits and boundaries pushed is the need for miniaturization. SiMEDEx has extruded silicone tubing for a customer with an inner diameter or ID of 0.003” (0.08mm). This was shown to be repeatable with multiple materials to meet the request of the product designer so they could investigate the impact of raw material hardness in their application.

Another theme that consistently comes up is the need for quicker response time. SiMEDEx has added capability to produce tooling in house to directly respond to this “need for speed” in response time. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, SiMEDEx remains at full production capacity and would gladly take on your developmental and/or production projects for silicone extrusions.

If you are looking for a medical device or component manufacturer – we have the resources. Use this link to contact MER-Europe and we will get back to you soon!