SiMEDEx manufactures precision Silicone Tubing in various diameters and wall thicknesses, single lumen and multi-lumen. Silicone tubing is used for catheters, wound drains, feeding tubes, cuffs and pacemaker leads, etc.

Silicone rubber has been used in medical implants for over fifty years and has a proven track record as an inert and stable biomaterial.

Besides regular ID/ OD tubing (from as small as 0.1mm x 0.3mm) SiMEDEx offers special extrusions:

  • On-line geometry change technology – this is a unique processing technology that allows for transformation of the cross-section of a continuous silicone extrusion.
  • Kink resistant tubing
  • Twisted Tubing
  • Foam Extrusion
  • Ribbon & Tape
  • Addition of additives such as colorant, conductive material, drugs