MER-Europe offers a customer focused one-stop shop for silicone components for the Medical Device Industry. Extruded and moulded components, in both silicone and thermoplastic materials or a combination of the two, can be sourced through SiMEDEx and Topsil Global. Not sure of your exact material choice? Through our (independent) material scientist we can also support your project there.
With fabrication in both California and Poland, we can support various business strategies for both short and long term implant applications.

It’s in the name: Silicone Medical Extrusion. California based SiMEDEx specialize in tight tolerance silicone extrusions in single as well as multi lumen configurations. The team has many patents in their name in both processing technology as well as silicone formulation.One of SiMEDEx’ unique capabilities is the ability to change the extrusion profile ‘on the fly’: Changeround into square, split one lumen into two lumens, etc. This technology allows for the most cost
effective fabrication and avoids unnecessary secondary operations, which may impact the product reliability.


Topsil Global, with two production plants in the Warsaw (Poland) area, offers a full suite of services for various industries. Recently, Topsil added a dedicated group and factory for development and production of silicone & TPE products for the Healthcare & Medical Device industry.
Services include liquid silicone moulding, 2K moulding, silicone extrusion and cleanroom assembly. Topsil Global’s extrusion capabilities include larger diameter tubing produced of silicone, thermoplastics as well as hybrid materials. The LSR moulding team produces highly detailed and flashless parts. In-house tooling capabilities ensure that moulds are designed and fabricated quickly and cost effectively. Over-moulding and insert moulding can be combined and performed in cleanroom conditions if required. Secondary operations – such as cutting, punching, bonding, printing and device assembly – can also be performed in an ISO-7 cleanroom.


Silicone Consulting, LLC is an independent consultancy firm specializing in silicone chemistry and fabrication. Mark Paulsen is the founder of Silicone Consulting and built up his expertise over a 30 year timeframe working for NuSil, SSF, TSS and SiMEDEx. During his days at Nusil, Mark was noted as one of the 100 people with most notable impact on the Medical Device Industry.
From silicone material selection for a specific application to a problem solving issue which involves a silicone component to developing a new unique silicone formula… Been there, done that!
Being super responsive and precise you will get refreshing and energy filled advise from Mark


Challenge us with your next silicone project or inquiry. We look forward to helping you and to working with you!

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