SiMEDEx continues to pride itself in providing world class solutions for any medical device applications requiring extruded silicone tubing.

One such application is silicone balloon tubing. We have consistently seen requests for silicone balloon tubing with wall thickness in the range of 0.010” (0,25mm) that are to be bonded to various catheter shafts.

Choosing the correct silicone raw material that has a higher elongation will also aid in the performance for this very specific application. Below is an image of a thin walled extrusion recently produced at SiMEDEx for a similar application.

Another theme that consistently comes up is the need for quicker response times for developmental projects.
SiMEDEx has in-house tooling to directly respond to this “need for speed” in reducing lead times. Throughout the pandemic, SiMEDEx has remained at full production capacity and would gladly take on your developmental and/or production projects for silicone extrusions. We are looking forward to working with you!

Contact MER-Europe and find out more. We are dedicated to provide quick answers and high quality engineering solutions.

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