Medical Production Technologies offers Measurement Services for customers to have quick access to the latest measurement techniques. Measurement results can be used for product analysis, bench testing and gage R&R studies.

• Balloon Geometry measurements (diameter, compliancy, working length, parallelism and cone angles).
• Balloon Single Wall measurements (specified points or complete balloons scan).
• Radial Force measurements of stents, grafts, heart valves.

If you consider purchasing measurement equipment yourself, but if you are not ready to make the investment – consider Medical Production Technologies to measure your products as a service!

The equipment used is developed & built in-house. For balloon geometry testing and wall thickness measurements MPT Europe has developed the following systems:

Balloon Geometry Testing, VBT-63-BT5 Series:

The VBT-63-BT5 is the latest development in fully automated balloon geometry measurement. It allows for unprecedented insight into your balloon manufacturing process.

• Measures the geometry at different pressures (1 -30 bars).
• Measures the single wall thickness without contact at very high resolution (0.0001mm) with very good repeatability.
• A 5-axis positioning system enables a full scan of the balloon, including the cone areas.
• Sensor is automatically positioned using input from the vision system.
• Handles products at balloon component level as well as finished products.

Balloon Geometry Testing, VBT-LS-RT Series:

The VBT-LS-RT series is a balloon geometry testing equipment designed for fast measurement of cylindrical balloon profiles of inflated balloons.

• Rotates 360° degrees.
• Equipped with a sophisticated vision system.
• Wall thickness measured with an advanced spectrometer system.
• Resolution is 0.001mm and repeatability is greater than 0.0005mm.
• The number of points and positions can be specified in test programs.
• Measuring probe is automatically positioned over the balloon and is auto-focused.
• User interface is easy to understand and makes it possible to generate your own test programs.

Radial Force Measurement equipment:

The RCM-60-WB is a Radial Compression Measurement System that allows you to measure and record the radial forces of self expanding devices i.e. stent, while being fully submerged in a temperature controlled water environment (37°C). The RCM-TT is meant to be used in conjunction with a tensile tester. This allows you to use MPT’s radial force head as an additional measurement tool in your existing tensile tester. These radial compression methods are recommended by the FDA for radial stiffness and radial strength testing. When compared to the conventional flat plate or V-block method the results are much more realistic to the in vivo situation.

The RCM-60-WB uses a unique crimping head technology developed by MPT Europe BV that ensures zero gaps and can be made to various opening diameters and stent lengths.

Technical specifications:
Head Diameter: 0 – 12.5mm (other dimensions available)
Head Length: 60mm (longer lengths available)
Diameter Accuracy: +/- 0.02mm
Temp Range: 37°C underwater measurement
Supply Voltage: 110 – 240 VAC
Repeatability / Accuracy: < 2% full scale
Force Resolution: 15 bit AD conversion
Load Cell Options: Wide range possible

• Unique crimping head that ensures zero gaps
• Head is specifically designed for underwater use and is fully submerged to allow for even temperature distribution (37°C water bath).
• Broad range of head diameters and stent lengths can be measured (customized)
• Head is diameter controlled (+/-0.02mm)
• A load cell allows for precise measurement of the forces exerted onto the stent.
• Controlled by PLC and PC
• Designed to measure stainless steel, nitinol and bio absorbable stents.
• Easy to understand user interface
• Software is capable of generating your own test programs –
• Position Steps
• Relative Force Steps
• Maximum Forces
• Graphical Set-Ups
• Closing Speeds
• Software is capable of multiple data reports and Excel export for easy comparisons
• Good repeatability

Update: MER does not represent this company anymore. However, if you are interested in the mentioned capabilities – please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to refer you.