During this process, an assist gas is used to irradiate and remove material. XL Precision Technologies have a range of laser tools including Fibre and YAG Tube Cutters and Flat Bed cutters.

Laser cutting is best applied to applications where:

  • Geometrical features required are very small
  • Geometrical requirements are complex and need to be applied over the length of a component or implant
  • Catheter (-parts) require custom properties based on the vascular path:
    • Radius of curvature
    • Transference of torque
    • Tensile strength
    • Variety in stiffness

XL Precision can meet the following specifications in laser cutting:

Features as small as 25 um +/-5 um

Materials: Stainless steels, Titanium including include tubing and flat strip

The size of flat sheet can be max. 170 mm x 60 mm, thickness of 0.10 – 1.50 mm.
Tubing: Minimum diameter 0.250mm to 16mm, length 1.00 mm to 1800 mm