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FEops website launch

FEops has recently launched a complete new website, keeping the company’s original looks. The new website contains a lot of  Read more

SSF: Current Projects

SSF’s most current projects involve the fabrication and assembly of Class 3 devices intended for long term human implantation. No  Read more

MPT Europe: Measurement Services

Medical Production Technologies offers Measurement Services for customers to have quick access to the latest measurement techniques. Measurement results can  Read more


FEops is able to create very realistic simulations of a customer products in the desired body environment, e.g. it being  Read more

Custom product design

All 6 of MER’s suppliers provide custom made parts , assemblies and equipment. Each of the suppliers therefore offers design  Read more

Virtual Bench Testing

Our former partner FEops has set up a virtual database of different artery and vessel structures which can be used  Read more

Contract Manufacturing

SSF and Biogeneral offer contract manufacturing services, each respectively in their own area of specialism.

SSF: Bringing Silicone to life! Specialized  Read more