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Transitional Extrusions

SiMEDEx offers a transitional extrusion process. During extrusion we are capable of changing profile, number of lumina , material and  Read more

SSF: Current Projects

SSF’s most current projects involve the fabrication and assembly of Class 3 devices intended for long term human implantation. No  Read more


TSS is experienced in building and co-developping lead assemblies as an OEM supplier.  Custom leadassemblies are built to your design  Read more

Balloon Pleating

MPT-Europe manufactures pleaters from 2 to 6 fold, depending on your exact needs. Pleaters are available in both manual and  Read more


Range of standard Tooling & Equipment Bonding/welding tools Manuf. Markerband Pre-crimp, Positioning and Swage tooling Test equipment for balloon (catheters)  Read more