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SSF: Current Projects

SSF’s most current projects involve the fabrication and assembly of Class 3 devices intended for long term human implantation. No  Read more


TSS is experienced in building and co-developping lead assemblies as an OEM supplier.  Custom leadassemblies are built to your design  Read more

Balloon Pleating

MPT-Europe manufactures pleaters from 2 to 6 fold, depending on your exact needs. Pleaters are available in both manual and  Read more


Range of standard Tooling & Equipment Bonding/welding tools Manuf. Markerband Pre-crimp, Positioning and Swage tooling Test equipment for balloon (catheters)  Read more

Stent Crimping

Medical Production Technologies’ proprietary 8-segment crimping technology allows and guarantees a precise and constant crimping diameter over the entire length of  Read more

Combination products

A combination product combines a medical device with a drug, where the drug is an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). TSS is  Read more

Manufacturing Equipment

Manufacturing Equipment, more information about the product Manufacturing Equipment will be presented here soon, for this now you can, click on  Read more