For small batches but also larger production batches, Medical Production Technologies’ Manual Pleating Devices have proven to be very effective, robust and efficient.

The concept used is a proven principle, used over many years by well known balloon catheter manufacturers across the world.  Together with the pleating tool, an inflation/deflation unit is used that allows you to have both hands free to handle the balloon.

IMG_2440 PleaterFor extremely long and thin balloons, a special kit is available which assures the inner stays straight and allows the balloon to be pleated without problems.

Once pleated, the balloon needs to be formed or wrapped and this can be done either by hand or by means of a mechanical wrapper. This mechanical wrapper can also be operated manually or you can have it automated (that is also possible in combination with the pleater).

The Folding /Wrapping Head itself is a proven principle of Medical Production Technologies design. It consists of 8 segments that close and open in a similar way as the motion of an iris.

The key points of MPT’s design are :

  • No gaps between the blade segments at any diameter
  • Very stable design, keeping profiles even from distal to proximal
  • Heated options to maintain smallest profile
  • Able to close to completely zero
  • Customizing to your exact needs is always possible

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Update: MER does not represent this company anymore. However, if you are interested in the mentioned capabilities – please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to refer you.