In an effort to keep up with demand, SiMEDEx is adding an additional extrusion line. The latest extruder coming on-line in October 2023 is another 2 ½” Davis Standard machine. This brings the total number of extrusion lines to six.

“It is our responsibility to stay ahead of the demands of our customers and of the marketplace” says company President Paul Mazelin. “This additional capacity will allow SiMEDEx to continue to realize double digit growth annually.”
Improved lead times will also be seen as a result of bringing this new equipment on-line.

SiMEDEx continues to make strides in holding tighter tolerances that its competitors. The image below illustrates the stability of the extrusion line during production.

For reference, the upper and lower limits shown on this graph are +/-0.002” As you can see, there is hardly any variance in our extrusion process. Let us help you succeed in your next silicone extrusion project!

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