Resonetics provides laser micro manufacturing for life sciences and specializes in applications requiring precision laser processing of polymers, metals and glass. We create features as small as 1 micron and machine materials up to 1mm thick. We have the world’s largest capacity of ultrafast laser workstations in the industry.

With decades of experience and development labs staffed with PhDs, optical scientists and application engineers, we develop innovative solutions that address critical design requirements with a cost-effective and repeatable approach.

Resonetics has six manufacturing facilities in Boston, Dayton, Minneapolis, San Diego, Sacramento and Costa Rica with ISO-13485:2003 certified quality systems and lean six-sigma practices.

Life Science Markets for Laser Micro Manufacturing

Our target markets for laser micromachining in the life sciences industry include:

  • Neurovascular delivery systems and implants
  • Peripheral vascular delivery systems and filters
  • Structural Heart implants and delivery systems
  • Diabetes care including continuous glucose monitoring and insulin delivery systems
  • Ophthalmology implants and devices
  • Drug delivery systems
  • Advanced diagnostics consumables and next gen sequencing components
  • Interventional cardiology and radiology devices, including bioresorbable scaffolds
  • Minimally invasive surgery devices and instruments requiring tiny scale and close tolerances

Laser Micro Manufacturing Capabilities

We are the experts in laser micromachining polymers, metals and glass for life sciences. Learn more about our expertise and see examples in the links below:

  • Laser cutting– cutting, sizing, singulation, edge refinement and de-gating components and devices
  • Laser drilling– the only viable way to produce tight-tolerance holes, down to 1 micron in diameter
  • Laser welding — stainless steel, precious metals and nitinol
  • Laser wire stripping– removal of the polymer insulation layer-by-layer, where each layer can be as small as 0.1 micron
  • Bioresorbable scaffolds– precision cutting of scaffolds/stents in a Class 8 cleanroom
  • Surface texturing– alteration of 2-D surfaces, such as flat films, or 3-D surfaces such as implants, catheters, or balloons
  • High volume production– tight-tolerance components and sub-assemblies in the millions of units per year
  • Laser workstation design, build and service:  purpose-built systems that meet specific client needs for precision and cost-effectiveness


Lightspeed™ Application Development Lab

Our Lightspeed Application Development Lab is dedicated to accelerating the launch of your newest technology. The Lightspeed labs in Boston, Dayton and Plymouth offer resources focused on process development, prototyping and pilot production needs. The labs feature many different laser technologies and is staffed by a dedicated team of application development engineers and technicians.


PRIME Laser Cut Tubing

The Fastest Turnaround. The Highest Quality. The Best Prices.

Resonetics gets quality right the first time to enhance productivity in the long run. We take most of our measurements during the product manufacturing process, maximizing the usefulness of the data we take.

We know how to maximize our efficiency. Resonetics’ synchronized real-time paperless manufacturing data-system is capable of managing large amounts of digital information, streamlining the manufacturing process.

We have learned from over 45 years of laser manufacturing and machine building experience. We have taken the time to identify the most consistent design and manufacturing methods, ensuring that you receive the most accurate prototypes as quickly as possible.

We embrace a Just-in-Time manufacturing philosophy. The focus is on constant improvement and innovation, allowing us to produce the highest quality of work at the lowest possible cost—with the fastest turnaround.

Quality and R&D

Resonetics is ISO 13485:2003 and 9001:2008 certified and we understand the importance of manufacturing quality products every time, on time. We emphasize total customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and defect prevention through a robust, data driven, QSR and cGMP compliant quality system.

Our commitment to R&D includes investing in novel manufacturing processes to solve unmet needs. With nine patents issued and more pending, our team has a demonstrated ability to develop solutions for the most challenging manufacturing requirements.