One of XL Precision Technologies’ strengths, beside their knowledge and expertise, is that they have a complete range of manufacturing capabilities in house. This allows them to manufacture components and (sub-) assemblies for a wide range of medical applications. These capabilities include:

  • Laser Technology ( laser marking, welding and cutting – tubing as well as flat bed)
  • CNC micro machining
  • EDM
  • Clean room assembly
  • And several Secondary capabilities such as needle tube swaging & tip forming

XL-PT actively serves four market segments in Medical Technology:

The Cardio, Endo & Neuro Vascular market is continuously advancing. XL-PT have been involved in the development of stent delivery systems, class III implants and they are experts in laser cutting of miniature flexible hypo tubes.
Small, complex and precise: leave it to XL-PT.

Sports Medicine & Spinal Instruments are areas that benifit from XL-PT’s protoyping and development services. Products include curved tubes, insert devices, flexible sheaths, gage wires and electrodes.

Endoscopy, Laparoscopy & Robotic Surgery ticks all the boxes of XL-PT’s capabilities and has been their main area of growth. From ‘simple’ straight cut instrument shafts to 3D micro machined components and complex tubular sub assemblies – this is definitely a market area where exciting developments take place.

New Drug Delivery technologies require specific needles and sub assemblies. XL-PT have gained extensive knowledge in needle manufacturing, mainly through development projects that focus on Ophthalmic surgery. Products include irrigation and aspiration tubes, closed end- and ported tubes as well as light pipe tubes.

XL Precision Technologies is certified to ISO 13485 and serves customers from sites in the UK and USA where both locations have fully equipped production facilities and a dedicated team of engineers who are looking forward to taking on your project.

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