In healthcare, using the right material is key. After all, medical devices are developed to improve and to save lifes. But also in other environments material selection can be critical and the right parts can make huge differences in quality, efficiency and longevity.

Although their main focus is on the Medical Device Industry, K-Tube Technologies‘ Miniature Stainless Steel Tubing is used in many applications that require small diameter tubing such as industrial, aerospace, military, oil and gas.

To offer customers more insight in all the different material characteristics and to help them select the best material for their product or application, K-Tube have developed new data sheets.
These are now available for download:

17-7PH K-Tube Technical Data Sheet

304-304L K-Tube Stainless Steel Data Sheet

316 316L K-Tube Stainless Steel Data Sheet

I-625 K-Tube Stainless Steel Data Sheet

MP35N K-Tube Technical Data Sheet

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