XL Precision Technologies have used 3D metal printing for development of customer devices since the capability came into XL PT in 2017.

3D metal printing, combined with their established core capabilities of Laser cutting, EDM & CNC machining, means that XL Precision Technologies can produce development samples in under 3 weeks for the most complex machined components. “3D metal printing has allowed XL PT to support a number of key customers and start ups to accelerate their development programs” states Darren Vine, Business Development Director at XL PT.

If you are developing a metal component, consider 3D metal printing! XL Precision Technologies offers rapid prototyping at each stage of the design and have the expertise and experience to take your part or sub-assembly from the initial design stage through to clinical trials and into production.

MER-Europe represents XL Precision Technologies in mainland Europe. For more information or to request a quote – please do not hesitate to contact us!