The UK facility of XL Precision Technologies is being expanded to 2.5 times the current size. They have suffered construction material and contractor delays all though the summer but now we can see the final pieces being completed (images below).
The specialist floor materials arrived in September and the installation will be completed in the month. Already completed are the laser technology centre, the medical component cleaning facility, the metrology room and the EDM centre. The offices are ready for the furniture, IT systems and finally the people to move in.

XL-PT plan to start the manufacturing system transfer during October – new systems will be installed first and fully qualified, before they move each of the current production systems. All of the transfers are being managed collaboratively with our customers. Everything should be fully finished with the production facility by the end of 2021. Next year will begin the refurbishment work on XL-PT’s Development Centre and customer service areas.

In the US, work has completely finished on the West Chester, PA facility and the first set of new manufacturing systems are installed. XL-PT have new laser cutting systems planned to be commissioned in the new building by the end of this year.

It is very exciting times for XL-PT and we are looking forward to strong growth year in 2022!


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