The medical device industry is working full speed to make sure patients get all the help they need to beat the virus and get well. With the current need for ventilators for critical care, XL Precision Technologies are offering their support in any requirements for metal components.  XL Precision Technologies are able to submit proposals within 1 working day.



Summary of XL Precision Technologies’ capabilities:

  • EDM wire and Sink machining
  • Laser tube and flat cutting
  • Laser welding of metal components
  • 3D metal printing – allowing us to make bespoke shaped components
  • CNC machining
  • Class 7 Cleanroom (100 sq.m) – available for use immediately
  • ISO 13485 certification

Also see XL Precision’s overview – click HERE

We will be happy to answer your enquiries. Please submit the contact form or contact us directly and we will get back to you the same day.