Bio absorbable materials and implants made of these materials have been in development for about 15 years.  New PLA resins and manufacturing techniques have allowed medical device companies to design implant parts and stents with the desirable properties such as sufficient radial force, tensile  and desired absorption timelines.

MPT fotostent-crimperDevelopment and use of these new resins in medical products brings along a requirement for other processing and downstream equipment, like testing and manufacturing machines and tools.  Medical Production Technologies – based in Leek,  The Netherlands – has developed such dedicated equipment. In the process, they continuously consider the characteristics of the biodegradable materials and the final products – the implants. Crimping equipment that allows you to crimp under your desired and specified conditions is one example, and can be used in combination with MPT’s Radial Force Tester. The radial force of a stent or heartvalve (or other medical device) can be accurately measured – if required also at  37⁰ C. Medical Production Technologies specializes in developing and building custom medical product manufacturing and inspection equipment. If you have an idea or a requirement for a new and unique application – MPT would happily investigate the possibilities for you.

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Update: MER does not represent this company anymore. However, if you are interested in the mentioned capabilities – please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to refer you.