Silicone Fabrication….a way of life

TSS (formerly SSF – Specialty Silicone Fabricators) is a manufacturer of custom precision silicone components and OEM products for the medical industry. The most modern and sophisticated techniques are utilized to mold, extrude and calender products to your exacting tolerances. A major part of the business is for long term implant applications and therefore SSF has built up a lot of expertise for these critical components and products.

Capabilities are:

• Silicone extrusion
• Dipping
• Full Assembly and OEM

Quality Assurance:
• ISO 13485:2003 Medical Devices – Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Regulatory Purposes
• ISO 9001 Certificate
• FDA registered
• Japan PAL

Specialties include:
• Long term implant applications
• Thin walled extrusions
• Multi lumen tubing
Geo trans® (transional extrusion capable of changing profile, number of lumina , durometer on the fly)
Flash Less Molding
Reinforced sheeting
Sponge Extrusion
• Dip Coating
Combination Products (Drug-eluting products)
• Tight tolerance implant grade Single/ Multi Lumen

Note: TSS has excellent relationships with raw material suppliers and is able to work with all available suppliers including Dow and Nusil for long term implant applications.

TSS is well known for their quality, broad capabilities and great customer service.