Using low temperatures, Resonetics’ excellent non-contact laser welding process joins materials together with great precision. Resonetics has more than twenty years of experience in house since they acquired Mound Laser in 2015 and has been advancing the capability since by incorporating the latest equipment and vision systems as well as by innovating the production process control systems.

Laser welding is a great option for:

  • Materials that only allow low temperature input
  • Small components (min. 0.08 mm)
  • Parts that need a hermetic seal
  • When you need fast prototyping and low cost production

Laser welding of medical components is a specialist process where it is important for our technicians to understand what are the critical requirements for the weld. Therefore they work closely with our customers to develop the optimal parameters and fixturing for their specific application. Next, to validate the development of the process for production, the focus is on process repeatability.

Laser welding is applicable to many different materials such as stainless steel, nitinol, platinum, titanium and cobalt chrome – including flat sheets, wire, tubing and catheters.