This non-contact process of laser drilling micro holes, which are often required in medical applications, allows Resonetics to make holes in different materials to 1 – 5 micron in diameter. The laser systems Resonetics uses include excimer, CO2, DPSS, pico second and femto second lasers. Depending on the application and the material, our engineers will determine with the customer which laser system would be the right choice to deliver the best and most cost effective result.

Laser drilling is the best option:

  • When size requirements are smaller than what other processes can achieve
  • When no contact is allowed between machine and material
  • For soft or flimsy materials
  • When a certain depth control or layer removal is required
  • When melting and HAZ need to be kept to a minimum
  • When you need fast prototyping and low cost production

Resonetics drilling capabilities are:

Diameter: 1 – 5 micron

Materials: polymers, dielectric materials, metals, ceramic and glass

Material types: polymers and metals including include flat sheets, wire, tubing & catheters:

– Flat sheet size can be max. 30,5 x 30,5 cm, thickness of 0.10 – 1.00 mm.

– Wire, tubing and catheters (including multi lumen): minimum diameter 0.05 mm, length 0.10 – 200 cm.