VBT-63-BT5 Catheter balloon measurement equipment

The VBT-63-BT5 tool is developed for measuring precise and repeatable. The geometry and the wall thickness of balloons. The product is first positioned underneath a vision system. Two perpendicular images are made and the position of the balloon is determined. Now the interferometry sensor is exactly positioned over the balloon surface. The sensor is always kept perpendicular to the surface. Cones can be measured. The MPT Europe OTS-4 is used for analysing. It’s linked to the PLC/PC. A flexible number of points can be programmed to be measured. The measurement position and balloon contour are indicated on the screen. When the last point is measured the sensor retracts and the balloon moves to the vision system. After rotating the product new points are measured. The balloon can be scanned 360 degrees. The software has optimization algoritms to find the best signal strength. All relevant information is shown. Menus are password protected. The active program line is indicated. The signal strength and search pattern are shown. The equipment is ergonomiccaly disigned and easy to use. The product can be rotated 360 degrees. A balloon component inflation module is available. The VBT-63-BT5 gives you unprecedented insight in your balloon products.