RCM 60 WB designed to measure radial stent force in an underwater environment

The RCM-60-WB has been designed to measure radial stent force in an underwater environment. The system is PC controlled and has an easy to use user interface. The stent is manually inserted in the system. The system can be customized in open diameter and length. MPT Europe has developed a unique closing mechanism that has no gaps at the segments. The system is manually lowered into the waterbath. When lowered the measurement can be started. The radial force is measured in relation to the diameter. The user can write test programs. All data is stored on and can be exported to Excel. During testing the machine status and test results are shown on screen. The force/diameter graphs can be used to analyse stent design and compare stents with each other. After completion the head can be manually raised from the water and the stent can be taken out. The waterbath is kept at a precise temperature of 37 degrees Celsius and the water circulates. The RCM-60-WB helps you to get an accurate insight in your stent design.