More and More design optimizations and simulations are done using computer software. Government organizations like FDA point out the importance of these possibilities. MER-Europe can offer access to  the best expertise available in this field .

Unique engineering services can be offered to the Medical Industry.  With expertise in Finite Element Analysis ( FEA) and the open source pyFormex framework  our supplier Feops is able to help customers develop en improve products and processes.  Through realistic simulations and actual patient data,  virtual bench testing and marketing studies can be done.

Services and expertise :

  • Product design and optimization
  • Stress-strain analysis (critical areas)
  • Parametric modelling
  • Automation of pre- and postprocessing
  • Patient-specific analysis
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Virtual bench testing

Why use simulations?

Simulations such as virtual prototyping can reduce the development cycle as this process allows you to quicker make optimizations without the need to manufacture every design iteration. The possibility to do a 3D analysis of existing or new products also may improve understanding of product behaviour.

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