MER-Europe provides a technical link to the suppliers we work with and helps customers finding clever solutions on new components, inspections and production methods. Your timelines and milestones are important to us and it is our goal to get you answers and solutions quickly. Service, quick response and technical support are key aspects of MER-Europe’s approach.

In addition to their excellent products, our partners offer a wide range of specialty services, each in their own area of expertise:

What Who
 Custom Component Design  All
– Extrusion  Biogeneral, TSS
– Machined Components  K-Tube
 Custom Tooling & Equipment Design  MPT
 Contract Manufacturing (OEM)  TSS
 Test Lab Services  TSS, MPT, Biogeneral
 Assembly & Packaging  TSS
 Laser Micro Manufacturing  Resonetics

Are you looking for a service that is not listed on this page? Contact us for assistance!