BioLogo2Biogeneral Inc is a leading US based manufacturer of custom made monofilament from 15 microns diameter upwards, a huge variety of tubing, film and membrane products used in a wide variety of medical applications. They specialize in extruding high specification materials such as bio absorbable and high strength polymers which can be custom made to suit customers’ specific needs.

Typical applications include haptic fibers for Intra Ocular lenses, bioabsorbable tubing for cardiac and other types of stent applications, high permeability Teflon AF tubing and membrane for gas separation and degassing as well as for liquid core wave guide applications.

No application is too exotic for Biogeneral extrusion capabilities. Their R&D Group and Manufacturing Engineers are happy to work on optimized solutions to meet demanding customer requirements for extruded products. Biogeneral also offers secondary operations and can thermoform, flare, make flanges and cut your products to length. Custom spooling, packaging and assembly are also available.

Biogeneral is ISO 9001 registered, maintains a FDA Device Master File and can provide IDE and PMA regulatory support.

Biogeneral commits to on-time delivery, uncompromising quality and efficient communication.

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